Degreasing - Sonic Cleaning
Magnafluxing - Pressure Testing
Reboring & Honing - Sleeve Installation*
Bushing Rods
Press Pistons off/on Rods
Align Boring - Balancing - Resurfacing
Model A & B Crankshaft Counter Weights Installation
(Crankshaft Counter Weights Available at JB's Auto)
Polishing/Grinding Cranks
Valve Jobs (Stock & Performance) - Porting
Flow Testing
Hardened Exhaust Seat Installation
(for unleaded fuel)
Flywheel Lightening & Resurfacing
Pressurized Oil Systems
Machining for Bearing Inserts
Resurfacing Exhaust Manifolds
Partial/Complete Engine Assembly
Engine Parts & More!

      * Sorry, no outboards.  We cannot install ported
or honda darton sleeves.  We do not work on
         vehicles.  You must bring the engine/part to us.
After building your engine, we can add accessories, start, set timing and make other adjustments.
We are always up to the challange of something different.  Pictured a V12 gmc.
Parts - We carry edelbrock, mr. gasket, clevite (mahle), moroso, competition cam, lunati, dart, holley, ARP,

ferrea, felpro, brad penn oil, je, wiseco, eagle, PBM, erson, melling, sealed
power, federal mogul, champion, NGK, fram and more!
All machine work done in-house!